A week in pictures… Well…

So from now on I’ll be doing “A week in pictures” for Fun Friday. However… I don’t have a week in pictures for the past week, so the odd picture with mostly text will have to do.

NB: Dougal will be referred to as “Fluffy D” or “The Great Salami” from now on.

So last Saturday, Husband Dearest”s youngest brother David, sister Judith and brother-in-law Steven came to stay for 4 days. Whoop! It was FUN. We went for brunch to the Warsaw Diner and went for a walk/picnic to Wollaton Park with Fluffy D. Here is a recent picture of Fluffy D, having unlaced my boots for me while I was at work:

Then we went to see SKYFALL at the cinema, I was SO EXCITED to see it, and it’s definitely one of Daniel Craig’s best films. Hugely better than Quantum of Solace, and possibly better than Casino Royale as well, although I did particularly enjoy CR.

On Sunday, we went to Preston to church at Farm Fellowship which is always AMAZING and one of the most vibrantly Jesus-centred church families I have ever been blessed enough to visit. We adore it. Paul Blackham was speaking on Mark 15 – check it out: http://www.farmfellowship.com/?p=2342

Monday was an interview for me in the morning followed by charity shop hopping in West Bridgford, where some delightful bargains were scored, and then a quite night in with home-made grub and a really terrible Liam Neeson film.

On Tuesday, I got a LIE IN! Jude and Steve sorted out Fluffy D’s barking by taking him for an early morning stroll while I snoozed the morning away. We then went for a little city centre exploration before going to Jamie’s Italian for tea. It’s one of our favourite places to eat. It’s DELICIOUS. When we got home, we spent 2 hours quizzing each other’s general knowledge while curled up in front of the wood burning stove.

Wednesday saw the departure of our dearly beloved family members :'( we were so sad to see them go. And it was back to work as normal, with an early night as we were exhausted.

Thursday was the youth meeting at church after work, nothing of note to report.

Which brings us to today – this evening will be spent listening to Budgeting lectures in preparation for a big exam on Monday. I popped into town at lunch time to buy a card and somehow managed to spend £25 in Waterstones while I was at it. Oops.

“A week in pictures” will be significantly more succinct than this as a general rule, but for those of you who live far away, or who I am terrible at keeping in touch with, this is just a little insight to a week in the life of the Stews and their Great Salami.


2 thoughts on “A week in pictures… Well…

  1. You neglected to mention the putrid stench which seemed to have engulfed Kent Road for the duration of our stay. Or, more accurately, swamped St Jude’s house. You also forgot to mention that mum was gracious enough to come and cook us breakfast on the first morning:)

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