Monday blues

It’s always kind of depressing to wake up in the dark and realise it’s Monday, and instead of rolling over and going back to sleep, you have to get out of bed into the coldness and get ready for work. This morning was particularly bad because my back has been giving me really bad trouble – I spent most of the weekend flat out with a hot water bottle to try and ease the pain. Anyway, I obviously slipped on the ice as I walked to work and made it even worse, so I rang the doctors’ surgery and got an appointment for 8pm this evening. That’s right, a GP appointment at 8pm for a non-emergency: *mindblown*

Anyway, he made a super huge deal about me being “very tall” and told me I’ve pulled a few muscles in my back. So now I get the spend the next 2 weeks high on pain meds (that, incidentally, cost me £15.30 – I miss living in Northern Ireland for the free prescriptions if nothing else!). He also told me I have acne. Wasn’t very happy about that, but maybe the cream he gave me will give me a beautifully porcelain complexion.

I got my hair cut on Saturday. It had gotten pretty raggity at the ends. The hairdresser was raving about Macadamia oil and said it helps your hair dry more quickly and stay tangle free – has anyone used it? Gotta say, I’m feeling a little insecure – the hairdresser told me my hair is fine but plentiful, and the doctor told me I’m “very tall” and have bad skin. I’m not making any more appointments until my ego has recovered. Ha.

Tomorrow I get to go to Bristol for THIRTEEN HOURS for work and sell books to theological students. Yay.

How was your Monday?

Meneksh out.


4 thoughts on “Monday blues

  1. I always thought that having a “porcelain complexion” was a compliment. Not code for “You have a face like a turd bowl”. I think the doctor was punishing you for your late appointment. My Monday incorporated an Unfortunate Incident. Think walking to Costa… Love you.x

    • Ha. It is a compliment. He was really nice, I don’t think he realised he was giving me a complex or two! He keeps the surgery open late once a week for people who work 9-5 and can’t make daytime appointments. LOL – you need to lay off the green things!! Loves xx

  2. Good job you are beautiful inside!! At least you’re not obese which is what i get told at the doctors! Count your blessings and thank you for today’s blog – keeping it real and it gave me a belly chuckle (and believe me there’s a lot of belly there!!)

    • Lol – I’m only just not overweight anymore, but thankfully I didn’t get weighed at this appointment! In the Bible, fatness is a good thing anyway :) I blame the heathen Western culture for all our body hang ups. Glad it made you chuckle anyway, I enjoy writing so hopefully I’ll have the self-discipline to keep it up! Lots of love to the fam – we have dates for Christmas so it would be great to get something arranged xx

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