Pea and ham soup.

It’s officially pea and ham soup weather. I bought my first 4 cans of the season on Saturday at Aldi (it’s a new brand; I have yet to try it) and had my first half a can from M&S today as a lunch time treat after an interview this morning. As it’s November, SATSUMAS are also back in season – YAY! Two of my favourite foods. I have eaten 5 satsumas today. I love them. Maybe if I live on satsumas and pea and ham soup, I’ll be a size ten for Christmas.

Funny story. Not necessarily funny ha-ha, maybe you had to be there. Definitely funny “I kind of wanted to shoot myself”. On Monday, I accidentally sent my manager an e-mail that was supposed to go to my recruitment agent regarding a job for which I have recently been interviewed. Suffice to say, it was a pretty awkward moment when he read it. Oops. Today, I was e-mailing my dear friend Etters while at work (sinner!). We were having two conversations – one of them was private and related to places she could potentially get a job if she were to look. The other was about training, into which my manager had been cc’d… You can see where this is going, can’t you? Anyway, I read the email Etters had sent me, hit “Reply” and pasted a link for a job into the e-mail with “HELLO EDITOR!” written underneath it, and then I hit “Send”… Only to realise I had replied to the WRONG EMAIL and my manager was in fact, cc’d into said email. So he has had two e-mails from me in 3 days about other jobs and probably thinks I’m trying to stage a coup or something. Twice. In three days. Awkward.

I almost died of embarrassment, legged it over to see Etters, and then we both nearly died of laughter. I’m probably over-reacting, but we both found it hysterical. My sincerest apologies if you’ve read it and remained po-faced throughout.

Do you have any embarrassing work stories?


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