Things Dougal has eaten this month

Dougal’s new hobby is to create havoc in our kitchen while we’re at work. This is a brief overview of the past month’s ingested activities, and is by no means exhaustive.
  • One of my trainers. (He chose mine, despite the fact that I use them for actual exercise. Andrew never exercises, yet his trainers were left intact.)
  • 20 tea bags
  • Numerous pieces of flowery applique from one of my bags
  • 4 packets of crisps
  • A small floor brush
  • A loaf of bread
  • A paper bag
  • 3 tea towels
  • 5 chocolate biscuits
  • None of his actual dinner
  • 4 sponge cloths
  • A blue pen
  • 4 of his own grooming brushes
  • An undisclosed amount of bark (the tree kind, not the woof kind)
  • Approximately 400g of carrots
  • A whole bag of dog treats (in one go; not allowable)
  • Part of one of those toilet cleaning blocks

7 thoughts on “Things Dougal has eaten this month

    • I didn’t want people to think I had given them to him during the course of the month for good behaviour. His good behaviour has been significantly lacking this month!

  1. You can kind of forgive him, though, because he’s a dog. It was just a silly accident. A cat, on the other hand… They would have done it with malicious intent. Our house is floorboards and tiles throughout, but our cat chooses to vomit on the one rug we have – a tiny, round one, only one metre in diameter. She knows…

    • Although he didn’t do it maliciously, he definitely knew it was naughty! HA. That’s hilarious. And typical too. My mum and dad’s dog chose to vomit last week – their house is hard floors throughout the ground floor. The dog got into his crate and vomited on his cushion and bed. Animals are gross. Why do we keep them?!

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