Fun Friday

photo.JPG photo.JPG photo.JPG photo.JPG


Still getting the hang of this instagram malarky.

My fave foods are back in season * Our new girly shower curtain – too girly for a house that’s 50% male? * Frosty walk to work with a morning moon * Early drive to Bristol to run a book stall

Maybe next week there will be jucier offerings. For now, I’m going to do some Budgeting revision next to the radiator – best Friday night ever.


3 thoughts on “Fun Friday

    • It’s the first picture – the one with all the butterflies and the butterfly curtain rings. Andrew doesn’t care at all, I just read an article a few years ago that said “Wives, don’t make it look like your husband doesn’t live in your house.” and it stuck with me. Now I get really paranoid and Andrew thinks I’m ridiculous, ha.

      • Oh, man. The photo won’t load for me. The quality of internet is really bad in rural Australia. Lol! That article sounds like it was from the 60’s. Everyone knows now that the whole house is the wife’s and the man gets a room or “man cave” for all his horrible belongings. Greg has one. He tried to put a horrible Indian rug in the lounge room when we first moved in. Straight to the man cave with that!

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