Revision… Revision… Ooh, something shiny…

This is actually in Nottingham. It’s like a giant tin foil plate. It’s not too far from where the Lovely One works. Anyway, I have spent the past 3 or 4 days immersing myself in Budgeting lectures, papers, books, etc. etc. in a vain attempt to pass my exam on Wednesday. Last Minute Menekse strikes again, as not one Budgeting sound byte had been listened to until last Friday. Oops. Anyway, excuse my especial lack of charisma today/tomorrow. Accounting is interesting, and something I enjoy once I am doing it. But it’s not something I’d choose to sit and do, I kinda have to force myself. I wish making things with glitter and sequins and stuff was as practically practical as accountancy is. But then I guess it wouldn’t be fun.


I know I’m rambling and this post makes fairly little sense, but just be glad I’m not blogging about what is actually going round my head: budget setting (rolling, ABB, incremental, ZBB), performance indicators, costing, variances, management reports.



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