Friday kind-of-Funnies

I did not sleep in this morning, and I definitely didn’t have a chocolate muffin for my breakfast.

Amusing “Smart” phone stories.

Yesterday, my lovely colleague and dear friend Etters was telling us an amusing story about her autocorrect feature on her new phone. It had changed something in a text message she was writing about the Tube to “uber sexual”. Obviously I laughed hysterically and didn’t fully believe her strenuous contentions that she had never used the term.

Then, this morning, I was writing a message to my lovely mother-in-law on my iPhone. I wrote that the weather being awful at the minute and it got autocorrected to “the weather is awful at the Mingus.”


Not so smart after all. Also not that funny, but NVM it’s Friday ^_^

Image via Google.


4 thoughts on “Friday kind-of-Funnies

  1. I attempted to send a message to Greg about my brother’s birthday. It was supposed to say, “He”ll be disappointed we didn’t get him a present.” Instead, the classy phone thought that, “He’ll be disappointed we didn’t get him a prostitute,” was more appropriate.

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