All things December.

Things that have happened so far in December:

  • I had my first ever month-end/start of month in my new role. Stressful. Technically also a November/December item but at least 50% of it counts.
  • A wonderfully relaxing weekend with my darling godparents in Lincolnshire. Lots of walks, horse-riding, poo-picking, great food and awesome company.
  • Lots of Financial Performance lectures. Boo.
  • A lovely visit to my grandma near York; fish and chips were eaten, laughs were had, Pinterest was discussed at length.
  • The work Christmas dinner, which my lovely husband was able to come to due to leaving the company in the past year.
  • Andrew’s birthday – birthday breakfast at the local American/Polish diner (which, despite how weird it sounds, is totally immense) followed by a really chilled out day reading, watching Stewart Lee DVDs and napping in the afternoon. Which has to be one of life’s best little treats.
  • A long weekend to Plymouth to see some friends who work in a church down there – it was a really refreshing weekend both physically and spiritually, we got to go to the beach again (YAY) and spend loads of time talking about Jesus. It was just what we needed.

And that’s December so far! Obviously there is still lots to come, like a trip to NI to spend Christmas with my wonderful in-laws, which will include making Christmas gifts and a gingerbread house with the sister I never had :) I loooove the holidays, and Christmas is just glorious. Check this video out for a thought-provoking chuckle :)

Meneksh out.


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