The rest of December :)

So, December has been a quite month in cyberspace for me. Since my last post, all things Christmassy have been happening, here’s a summary:

  • One day of study leave
  • Driving to Birmingham and staying with my godmother’s mum before,
  • Flying to Northern Ireland for a week during which we,
  • Met up with a few different friends who have been neglected since I moved back to England, hard to fit in when we want to see our family for the short time we are over, and we don’t have easy transport, but we are thankful for the people we did get to spend time with
  • Played lots of board games
  • Ate lots of delicious food
  • Made a gingerbread house
  • Played some more board games
  • Went for a walk
  • Had lots of laughs and funs
  • Ate even more food
  • Got 2 hours sleep and then flew back to Birmingham laden down with gifts and wearing as many clothes as we could to save on luggage weight
  • Had a second Christmas with my family which involved more gift-giving/receiving and Turkish food :)

I’ve spent today working, shopping (grocery and a couple of bits for our house from HomeSense using some of our Christmas money), napping and sorting the house out. All the piles of paperwork, all the homeless stuff we don’t have storage for yet, all the general clutter around our house, all the wrapping paraphernalia that was used until the very last minute we were in our house, all of my accountancy homework that is piled around the house, all of the books and DVDs that don’t have anywhere to live yet because our bookshelves are already filled to the point of collapse, all of the stuff in our kitchen cupboards that hasn’t been used in over 6 months, you get the picture. It’ll take another couple of days to get the main rooms totally sorted, but then for the first time in 10 months I will be able to sit back in the knowledge that there isn’t something to tidy up and re-home. We have a list of things to save up for and that need adding to or sort out (like curtains and furniture bits) and things are starting to come together. I’m sure I can probably get a blog post out of how difficult the first 18 months of marriage have been in terms of settling into a routine and learning about each other’s habits – e.g. Andrew is a bit of a hoarder and I am absolutely not; I like the house to be neat and tidy but I also have the attention span of a gnat and am not very good at disciplining myself into a cleaning routine. This means that piles of things don’t get sorted because I just keep putting them off – the last thing I am in the mood for after 8 hours at work and 3 hours studying is deep-cleaning a room. And I can’t seem to start cleaning and just stick to the general bits, I always take it too far. Anyway.

I have some other blog posts in the pipeline including:

  • A post about our Christmas presents
  • The start of my Whole30 journey
  • The making of a gingerbread house
  • Christmas pictures
  • A post about Dougal – I love him so much, he’s so cute. Anyway, my mum was looking after him while I was away and he was pretty funny so I thought I’d share some pictures.
  • Maybe something based around cleaning/housekeeping
  • Furniture upcycling – I have a couple of pieces I want to renovate
  • Crafting – including a collage of 2012, some decoupage letters, some doorknob-themed curtain holders
  • A post about things I have found on eBay/Preloved, although I’m saving this for maybe towards March/April time as there are quite a few bits I intend to source before then and I’d like to get a juicy post together that includes some epic bargains and lots of photos

It has been nice to just have a little break from the internet this month and focus on the people around me during the free time we had. Going into January, things are much quieter on the social front and I’m determined to keep it that way for at least a couple of months as I have lots of exam stuff to concentrate on. I just pinned an article about having “white space” in your day to look at later. After my epic sort-out this weekend, we will have a nice quiet space to sit and eat breakfast and read together before work (in theory) and to enjoy after work, be it studying or just reading/watching a film.


So I’ve rambled on loads, and I could actually type way more but I’m very aware that it’s totally not that interesting and I’m just talking for the sake of it more than anything, so I’m going to go and do some laundry and put away a few more bits and pieces :)


Meneksh out.



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