Sickness and studying

Well hello everyone. How is 2013 treating you so far? Have you broken your resolutions yet? ;-)

I am sat moping at home today – I was up all night with what I think must be the bug that is going round, although it hasn’t been quite as vicious to me as it was to my dearest sister-in-law, who I am blaming for my sorry state. Yes, you, Tunaf.

Courtesy of Google

Courtesy of Google

While I’m recuperating, I’m making the most of planning some blog posts for the next couple of months and was wondering if there was anything in particular you guys would like to see/read? Any ideas would be appreciated! I’m thinking that the blog in general will mainly be ramblings about day-to-day life but will also include recipes, book reviews (not an actual review, just me summarising what I have read over the past fortnight/month/insert period of time here), product reviews, some theology (although my brain isn’t the most theological, but I enjoy a good wrestle with doctrine as much as the next girl), fashion (when I say fashion, I mean crazy outfits that I’ve found on eBay or in charity shops), craft things and furniture upcycles, home decor, garden renovations. You get the gist, it’s going to be pretty much whatever takes my fancy on any given day. I probably won’t use quite as many ()/ in my average post as you have just had to endure so please don’t leave on account of my crazy punctuating today.

I’m also making the most of the quiet day to think about my accountancy report that is due in 5 days and that I have barely started, and that is worth around 20% of my qualification. Oops. I’m starting into it with a vengeance tomorrow but I’ll be thinking about it today.

I’m thinking of writing a little list of goals for 2013 – I may blog on this further later in the month when I have mulled it over further. Has anybody else done this? I don’t mean in terms of resolutions really, just things like creating a reading list for the coming year, getting more involved with things like Street Pastors, and crossing certain items off our bucket list. I don’t know for sure yet, I’m just having a think about it.

Anywho, that’s a little mind-splurge from me. I’m going to go and concentrate on breathing through the nausea.

Feel free to leave some lovin’!


4 thoughts on “Sickness and studying

  1. I don’t think there is much else you could talk about of interest:) it’s all listed above there!! The other two books arrived today, so looking forward to getting stuck in once I’ve finished midnight circus. Xx

    • Are you enjoying the Night Circus? The other two in the GWTDT trilogy are brilliant as well, I read them all straight through in about 5 days, I just couldn’t put them down! And I’m writing a list of blog posts to do including monthly features and things, so it’s regular :) xx

  2. I really loved midnight circus it was great:) I’m reading a different one now before I read the other two dragon ones because I like to read them in the order they are on my bedside table. I’m disappointed with the quality of the books and they are very big. Wish I had just ordered new copies.xx

    • Ahh, that’s your system? I don’t have one yet other than “whatever takes my fancy”. I read two books while I was off work sick, and am on my third of the week. There are 15 books on my bedside table, my aim is to finish them all by the end of February at the latest :) the GWTDT books are pretty huge, I bought ours new for £4 each or something. Comfort yourself with the knowledge that the content is undoubtedly brilliant :) X

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