This week…

… has been quiet, full of change, sad, sleepless, painful, humorous, stressful, relaxing, depressing.

I am sat in my living room with a tension headache and a knot of nausea in my midsection, wondering how on earth I’m going to get this report finished in time given how ill and how sad I feel.

I’m so thankful for my husband. He is loving, kind and gentle. My life with him is a happy one, despite all of the other day-to-day emotions. There is a definite undercurrent of bliss.

Andrew Beach


6 thoughts on “This week…

  1. <3 I find fluffy blankets useful both for sad and sick. Hugs and pet-hugs are also good for sad! Seriously empathizing with you – hope you get well soon and that your report comes together for you. <3

    • Aww Eppie! So good to hear from you! I miss you so much :( we have a couple of delightfully fleecy throw-blanket things we got from Lakeland last winter that are also electric blankets. Snuggliest things ever! Complete with some Ben & Jerry’s and cuddles this evening, suffice to say that the day improved significantly :) xx

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