The Art of Procrastinating

So, you’ve heard about the report I have to write before Tuesday. And the total lack of work I’ve done on it so far (primarily due to being ill yesterday, which was supposed to be a study day). Ultimately my excuse is that it’s totally uninteresting. That aside, I’ve had the most productive Saturday in a long time – the ways in which one can procrastinate when something long and horrible is waiting to be done are amazingly varied and various…

  • Bath the dog, I mean, why wouldn’t you?
  • Deep-clean the bathroom – a direct necessity flowing from bathing the dog
  • Plan out some blog features for the next number of months – you have already done this, but you really needed to write it out neatly on some fresh paper. Later, when you have run out of mundane and unnecessary chores with which to distract yourself, you can type it out. Then, if you really want to kill some time, you can go on a search around the city for 1. A useable printer and 2. A laminator.
  • Clean the kitchen
  • Make a stew
  • Do all the laundry
  • Do some wedding related google searches
  • Find out the furniture auction results from today. Figure out the average selling price for a bookcase. Compare results with eBay.
  • Do an exercise DVD
  • Unpack yesterday’s grocery shopping (don’t judge me)
  • Reorganise a kitchen cupboard
  • Finish reading a book so that you can start a new one before the day is out

Which brings us to the here-and-now:

  • Write a blog post about procrastinating

6 thoughts on “The Art of Procrastinating

  1. I think procrastination becomes more varied as the deadline looms closer – if I’m delaying tidying I generally just skip to reading a book

    • Very true, haha. I have still managed to do only an hour and a half of work on the report. We watched an episode of Glee, I started a new book, cuddled the dog and made the dinner. Now I’m back on WordPress and the Specsavers website. Official fail!

  2. It’s a pity it’s so late or you could have actually visited the spec savers shop and tried on loads of the glasses and made really loud comments about them:) xx

    • Ha, tell me about it. Although I am in desperate need of new glasses and Speccies seems to be the way forward as they do a “Free glasses with contact lenses” offer at the minute and I’m thinking of going in the 80% unspectacled direction.

    • Free glasses up to a value of £40 frames – then frame prices are between £10 and £45 (that’s for the £125 frame range). I literally can’t see clearly 20 metres in front of myself at the minute so it’s getting pretty urgent. I had my heart set on some Boss Orange frames but the total glasses price would have been £130 and I would’ve had to buy them online – I figured it wasn’t worth the risk!

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