WordPress has changed?!

So here I am, all ready to fire out a blog post before bed, and WordPress has just totally traumatised me! It’s got a new layout and I don’t know where anything is! Talk about putting a girl off her train of thought.

Finally, after two 11 hour days at work, I have FINISHED MY REPORT! All I have to do is submit it tomorrow morning and hopefully I’ll get marked “Competent” (no matter how hard you work, “competent” is all you ever get, it’s infuriating) and I’ll never have to think about the blasted thing again. My brain is pretty mushy now though, and I’ve had a stress headache all afternoon.

This evening I had a wonderful girly meet-up with a woman from church, and then I came home and read about 30 pages of the book I started yesterday. It’s non-fiction, I always find them slightly harder to get into and they always take longer to read. I think I tend to skim read novels more. Do you guys notice a difference in your reading speed that changes with genre?

I don’t feel at all witty, so I’ll leave you with a funny picture. Everyone needs a chuckle.





Ok, two funny pictures. Couldn’t really resist that second one.


8 thoughts on “WordPress has changed?!

  1. Yay! Glad you have finished your report. I’m guessing that’s a relief! Hope your headache clears up.

    Definitely genre affects the speed of reading for me. I blast through stories (true, fiction or biography) dander / meander through some non-fiction (books on language or other topics of interest) and trudge through others (literary theory and other topics of necessity).

    Prom date kitty looks so earnest – very cute – but Hammer time gave me the best giggle :-)

    • Me too! I submitted it this morning, so thankful it’s over! Headache is definitely stress-related but tonight I get to do wedding planning with a friend here in Nottingham so that’s something fun to look forward to!

      I’m reading a non-fiction biographical account at the minute called Salaam Brick Lane. I don’t know if it’s because I try to concentrate more on something I know to be true, but it’s definitely taking me about a third longer to read than the fictional things I’ve read recently. Hammer time gave me the best giggle too :’)

  2. I’ve kind of mixed feelings regarding wedding planning lol My argument recently has been who decided that one of the biggest changes in your life should be preceded by months of planning an event that is very unlikely not to annoy 1 or more significant people in your life lol

    I think biographies can be slow depending on how they’re written, especially if they start by “setting the scene”. Recently, I discovered that John Pollock writes a good biography – I really enjoyed his “George Whitefield: The Evangelist”.

    • I’ve skim read that I think, one time down in the college library. I know what you mean, and inevitably someone is going to be annoyed about something, whether it’s your speeches or the seating plan or who is invited or what photographs you want to have taken.Wedding = stressful. Marriage = best thing ever.

  3. Blogger changed on me a while back and I had NO idea where anything was – ha, it was so frustrating for a while! And those cat pictures – I die over funny cat pictures. I also love the “procrastination” one in the post below. Funny, and strangely accurate.

    • Hi Rachel :) welcome to the blog! Thanks for stopping by. We are definitely creatures of habit aren’t we! I am personally a big fan of Lolcats, they are a favourite google search of mine if I’m feeling stressed at work and need a time-out, ha.

    • Ha, I know. They just crack me up so much. I would love to get a cat (and Andrew would far prefer a cat to dog) but I’m allergic and I couldn’t deal with the whole litter tray thing. Cat poo has to be one of the grossest types of domestic animal poo. Bleurgh.

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