I predict a riot.

We’ve just been looking at the news online. My husband is Northern Irish, so we’ve been following the news about the flag riots with a mild amount of interest. I’m not going to get into our personal opinions on the topic – it’s a huge issue and ologists of all kinds have spent decades trying to come up with reasons and solutions to very little avail, but we found some photographs with the below captions that pretty much tell us everything we need to know about the people involved.


  • “A loyalist protester wrapped in union flags throws a wooden post at police in riot gear.”
  • “A loyalist rioter draped in a Union flag runs up to police lines to smash a metal barrier into their ranks.”
  • “A car was set on fire at Castlereagh Street, East Belfast.”
  • Not a caption, but valid in making my point: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-M7xAGvBqdc


Really, guys? To coin a good old Northern Irish phrase, wise up.


6 thoughts on “I predict a riot.

  1. Loyalists are very patriotic and I think it really offended them. I live in Northern Ireland and I wish they hadn’t removed the flag as I don’t think it should even have been an issue to vote on but I don’t condone all the violence as it’s just making us look like deranged idiots. Hopefully something will be sorted out soon.

    • Which part of NI are you from? My husband grew up near Ballygowan :) I understand that the loyalists are annoyed about it, I just think there are better ways to go about communicating displeasure and disagreement rather than resorting to terrorising the locals and abusing the police! Deranged idiots is all anybody else outside NI thinks when they see what’s going on, surely there is a more peaceful way to resolve the issue! x

      • I’m from Londonderry. I know, I agree that better ways could be found but I think they think that peaceful protests won’t have as much effect as the violent ones. I hate how people are blaming the police for not handling the situation better, I blame the politicians!

      • Probably true – violent action causes a crisis situation that has to be sorted out immediately, whereas peacefulness is much easier to ignore! Definitely the fault of the politicians!

  2. I have two thoughts on this, the first is that surely the people at City Hall knew what would happen if they took this particular course of action? Secondly, to quote your father, why do people who wear their flag as an item of underwear get so upset about its supposed misuse, or non use in this case I suppose. Please note my use of upper case. x

    • Use of upper case well noted ;) and yeah, it’s all just a bit ridiculous really. Although maybe people in City Hall thought that given it’s the 21st century, those who had disagreements might try to articulate themselves rather than resorting to violence! Obviously any assumptions there were vain :)

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