I have used the word (??) “bleurgh” an awful lot over the past couple of days. I am attributing this to 1. January and 2. the snow. Please beware, this post contains a snow-rant.

I hate the snow. I genuinely despise it. It’s the most INCONVENIENT type of weather EVER. I have almost fallen flat on my face, Miranda-style, about 4 times today alone. It looks pretty enough but it’s just lethal. And slushy, and messy, and cold. So cold. That’s all I’ll say on the matter because I’m just bored of talking about how much I hate it now. One thing to be thankful for out of all of this is that I have (so far) only nearly fallen over :)

Excitements happened yesterday – I got my new glasses. w00p. This means that I can now see distances again. Always a plus. I’ll upload a photo when my skin is less ugly than it currently is.

Also, apologies if my posts are a little bit sparse this week. I had meant to blog yesterday but then we went and picked up a bookcase (£10 from a Gumtree advert. BARGAIN.) and went to my mum and dad’s to watch NCIS and eat pasta bake. But I’m in exam-mode, hibernating from the world and watching Miranda/doing housework/anything but revision until a last minute panic forces me to get my act together, lots of revision and getting into the zone for a really big exam next Wednesday morning. And I seem to be inept when it comes to conversation about anything other than my exam topic when I’m in revision-mode. I wouldn’t want to bore you with 6 blog posts relating to my Financial Performance coursework. Bleurgh.

On a massive plus, we’re going to LONDON on Friday through to Saturday to see our wonderful friends, I am so excited :) it’s the first time Andrew and I have been to London together and we’re looking forward to 1. taking lots of pictures and 2. doing lots of cheesy, touristy things together. We may get a couple of markets squeezed in as well :) will do a blog post with pictures when we get home.

Anyway, this has just been a random little post and now I’m going to trot on home to do revision and meet up with a friend from church for an hour :) and cook my poor hungry husband his dinner!



NB: This is not an accurate reflection of 1. my husband or 2. what we eat for dinner. I must be having a “cat picture” phase. Sorry to anyone humourless enough not to be amused by them.



14 thoughts on “January BLEURGHS

    • I refuse to acknowledge anything positive about it when I have to carry on with life instead of staying in bed, watching it through a window with a hot chocolate! Lol :)

    • We have another 6 inches and temperatures of -12 degrees C forecast for Friday :'( not a happy bunny! We are so super excited for London, I was googling things for us to do on Friday and it’s made me so giddy! Ha! Thanks for stopping by :)

    • We’re getting blizzards all weekend apparently :( and we’re travelling to London and back, so its timing is particularly inconvenient! I intend to take lots of pics tomorrow and Saturday so I’m hoping to share them (and therefore my new specs) when we get home :) x

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