Emergency! Help! Ahh! Please! No! Help!

Tonight I sit here weeping over my keyboard. Why? I joined Twitter the other day to take part in a Rafflecopter giveaway (don’t get me started on how hilarious I find the word “Rafflecopter”) and tonight I decided to make a go of it, y’know, to find out what all the fuss is about.

SCARIEST. THING. EVER. Ok, well not ever, but definitely within the social media spectrum I have so far explored.

1. I cannot (and I have searched for longer than I care to admit) find a hash key ANYWHERE on my keyboard. Anyone who can help me out here will get a hug or something (unless it’s Judith dear, because I know you’d feel I was punishing you if I hugged you).

2. Is it possible to communicate with others in full, grammatically accurate sentences?

3. Please follow me, I have zero followers and it’s giving me a complex. Ha.

Moving on from Twitter – TOMORROW IS LONDON! YAY. I am super excited. We have been packing a small bag each and are getting up at 4.30am to get washed and dressed and be early for our coach. Hopefully we’ll get lots of fun things packed in so that we can have some exciting London-oriented blog posts on our return.

That’s all I’ve got, I’m bushed and I spent most of today studying (NOT my idea of a good time on holiday from work!) but still haven’t got as far as I would’ve like. Never mind though, YOLO as the youth in our youth group keep saying. Check me out, being in with the yoof and all.

Before I go, it’s time for the Irrelevant Cat Meme of the Day:


If anyone knows the joke behind this (well, the one I’m thinking of) I’ll add you to my list of hugees. If you don’t, then check out this c. 2003 piece of lol.


10 thoughts on “Emergency! Help! Ahh! Please! No! Help!

  1. It depends then whether your keyboard is set US style, or UK style….
    Try Alt + 3 …..OR Shift + 3
    oh…and grammatical sentences are fine…if you can work with 140 characters :)

    • How long is it since you moved? I had no idea what the difference was really other than it seems to be easier to follow people on Blogger, but I’ve read quite a few articles where people say WordPress is better so I’m thinking I’ll probably be glad of starting here once I know more about it all! Followed you back, thanks, hehe :) I like the idea of Twitter in theory but I’m not sure how wise it was joining just before an exam! Oops!

      • A few months now. I transferred a few months worth of posts over here to bulk up this blog and I’m much happier with it. I love how my blog looks now. I just hate how it’s harder to find people to follow here. I was completely lost on Twitter when I first started too. Good luck with your exam!

      • Yeah, it looks great! How was it laid out on blogger? I like the tile view of posts. I hardly use WordPress to follow people, just the odd one or two because I couldn’t work it out and didn’t have time to think about it, lol. I just use Google Reader most of the time :) and thanks – I’m so glad to have it out of the way now! Back to normality, whatever that is :)

      • Yeah I agree – I just add blogs to my Google Reader instead of following them too! I liked how Bloggger had the Justify Text option but that’s it. I like the featured image option that my WP blog allows :)

    • Ha, that’s amazing, perfect! Thanks :-D and your follow is much appreciated :-) saw something on Pinterest the other day that made me laugh – “The number of followers you have doesn’t matter. Hitler had millions and Jesus had 12.”

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