London, baby! Part 1 of 2.

So… Finally back to reality after spending the past few days walking around muttering performance indicator ratios and production variances to myself like a crazy person. I had meant to do this blog post on Monday but I was just toooo stressed! So it’s here today. I thought something light-hearted and picture-full was a good way to go.

Andrew is out tonight – he’s gone to a meeting with our vicar. So I’m having some quality Menekse/Dougal time, which basically involves me sitting here all cosy in an electric blanket with a delicious cup of tea and Google Reader, and Dougal sitting next to me with his head on my knee, waiting for me to not look for long enough so that he can drink my tea (thanks mum).

Anyways, back to London. We had a lovely little trip from Friday morning through to Saturday evening visiting some wonderful friends of ours who we don’t get to spend enough time with. They are just the easiest, loveliest people to hang out with, and we always come away from visiting them with full hearts and happy faces :) so here’s what we got up to on day 1. Please bear in mind that my photography skills are poor to say the least, so excuse any fuzzy photos :) I’ll do another post with day 2 in it tomorrow, I think 14 photos for one blog post may be a little too much and I don’t know how to size them properly so I’d rather not bombard you with it all at once!



1. My husband (isn’t he hot ^_^) 2. Me and my new glasses looking a little stoned or something, I was just super tired! 3. The chocolate bar area.

Just after we arrived, we went to meet my best friend quickly. She’s at uni in London and I haven’t seen her for a few months. While she was taking her sweet time arriving, Andrew and I found this really cute little chocolate shop, complete with deLICIOUS hot chocolate. Just what’s needed for a snowy day! This place is down a little street next to Borough Market…

ImageThe weather was pretty rank all day. At one point, Andrew had about 2 cms of snow piled on his head.

ImageAmazing gnocchi at Borough Market. I’m pretty sure I paid with a fiver, the stall holder was convinced I paid with a tenner. If I was right, I got free lunch and made 50p on top of the saving of lunch. Even if I did pay for it, it was worth every penny. Fresh Italian food. NOM.

ImageOk this is a goofy photo, but it makes me laugh. I am obsessed with this tweed coat in Joules, but it is waaaay too expensive to justify buying right now. Anyway, Andrew’s coat is the male equivalent but we bought it in the sale at Burghley Horse Trials. So I decided to try on the ladies version (THAT. I. LOVE.) and we posed for a geeky photo. Also, is it really lame to have his and hers coats?! Note to self: in future, don’t pose awkwardly for photos.


On Friday evening, we went for amaaazing Mexican food at this place called Wahaca. It was delicious, we’re so going back there! Also, these are our amazing friends :) they’re super adorable.

Aaaaand finally (for tonight)…

Why wouldn’t you finish off the evening with gelato when it’s snowing outside? Not only gelato, but gelato you walked 20 minutes in the snow for. IT WAS WORTH IT.

ImageP. S. Sam, if you’re reading this – pretty much every single other photo we got of you involves the Beaver Face.








11 thoughts on “London, baby! Part 1 of 2.

  1. Looks like you had a lovely time – glad to hear you hear you’ve survived the exams! Also, you’ve provoked me to start using Google Reader again!

    • Google Reader is the best post feed I’ve managed to work out so far, ha. London was amazing. We’re going back in February to meet up with Andrew’s parents and brother, so we’re super excited for that :) hope you’re ok!

      • That’s great – something exciting to look forward too! I’m good, started to get everything sorted for W-day & married life. Also, starting to get properly excited :)

      • Aw that’s good. Not long to go now! Being married is the best :) way better than the wedding day! Which is pretty stressful even though it’s amazing :) hope everything goes well x

    • Melanie!! Thanks so much for dropping by, it’s so lovely to get your comment! :) Joules has to be one of my favourite clothing brands – I would buy pretty much every item they sell if we were that rich, ha. And thanks… You just replanted the “I must have that jacket” seed ;-) x

      • I tried the one in green on, and loved it. Although not as much as the tweed. I may start keeping an eye out on eBay for it. It’s dangerously close to turning into a life-affecting obsession, ha.

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