London, Baby: Part 2

Well, it’s been a while, bloggy friends. We’re having our bathroom renovated and work has been stressful. I’ve been working, rearranging furniture, eating and then sleeping from around 7pm through until the morning! But I only got halfway through our London trip, so I thought I’d upload the rest of the pictures :)


ImageSam and Andrew found this poster really funny. I found it kind of creepy.

ImageJohn Bunyan’s grave – this is at Bunhill Dissenters’ Cemetery near Old Street tube station. There’s quite a few famous old guys and gals buried here, including William Blake, John Owen and one or both of the Wesleys.

ImageWesley’s house. We went in and had a tour, given by the most talkative tour guide the world has ever known. It was interesting. I’d live there.

ImageMulticultural Britain.

ImageThis is a view of St. Paul’s taken from a lift in a shopping centre in Cheapside. No end of hilarity was had in this lift. It went up very high, very quickly, before plummeting back down to ground level. We went up and down about 6 times. I think the security guards started to get a little suspicious, so we left and went to Nando’s.

All in all, it was a lovely couple of days :) so nice just to hang out around people with whom you can be 100% relaxed! We’re heading back to London in a couple of weeks to meet up with Andrew’s parents and brother, so we’re super excited to see them and to spend some more time in the good old Capital.


Next up, a vintage haul post!


2 thoughts on “London, Baby: Part 2

  1. I am so pleased that all my hard training has not been wasted. Love to hear you enjoy travel its in the genes kid enjoy everything you see and hear you may never pass that way again l8ve you xxxxx

    • :-) of course it hasn’t! We are planning holidays this evening as a date night :-) including America later this year and some travelling around Europe next year! Love you lots, see you in a couple of weeks! xxx

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