February so far.

It’s been a while, sorry about that. We’ve had a crazy month, what with Street Pastors training and a visit to London with A’s parents. I’m now sat drinking some “Trop50” that was on offer and eating a panini. I do not recommend Trop50. It’s like orange juice but disgusting. My panini is delightful, though. Chicken with pesto and tomato and a tiny bit of cheese. Nom.

It’s kind of hard to get back into the flow of things after a break. What do you write about? How much you fail at time management? How antisocial you’ve been feeling all month? How much you just want to go home, get in your pyjamas and stay in bed for a year? An excellent book, by the way.

So what have we been up to so far this month? Well, we had an awesome date night and created a bucket list each, as well as a list of places we want to go on holiday over the next 5 years. We also have had a good few evenings/days of Street Pastors training, and I’ve had an exam, so that was ([not] delightfully) time-consuming. One Saturday evening was spent crying my eyes out at Les Miserables. I loved it. We failed at Valentine’s Day. I got Andrew a really unromantic card that compared my love for him to a toilet.

We went to to see a stage production of the Vicar of Dibley – a lady from our church was playing Geraldine. It was great, but someone sat near us farted literally all the way through. It was a 3 hour performance. It was nightmarish and I got to the point where I didn’t want to breathe because I was afraid I was going to vomit. When did it become socially acceptable to fart in a confined space when you are going to be static for a long period of time? I can understand it if you’re walking along outdoors, or you’re passing through a shop, but when you’re sat in a theatre seat for 3 hours surrounded by people? GO TO THE TOILET ALREADY.

Anyway, then we went to London to meet up with Andrew’s mum and dad. Went to see Life is Pain, is was mediocre. There were funny moments, however, sex jokes are awkward at the best of times, they are even worse when you’re sat next to your mother-in-law and they’re stretched out for 10 minutes at a time! We had a lovely time in the Big Smoke though, and got up to all kinds of laughs and giggles before coming back to our house with them for a couple of days. And that brings us to now, with my panini and my pathetic excuse for orange juice.

Meneksh out.

P. S. I have managed to get lots of reading done this month due to spending so long travelling and also due to reading instead of being romantic on Valentine’s day. Lolz.


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