General chit-chat.

Well, two posts in February is pretty pathetic by anyone’s standards. And none so far when we’re almost half-way through March.

I’d make excuses but I can’t be bothered. So let’s just start again. I am very much missing my evenings with Google reader – that’s what comes of having one computer and two people who like to read blogs. I feel an excuse to buy an iPad brewing. I have 987 posts to catch up with on Reader, I may have to hit “Mark all as read” and write it off as bad time management.

Tomorrow, you have “Books I Read in February” to look forward to – aren’t you a lucky one? I haven’t even read one book in March so far, so enjoy the fact that February was a bumper month.

How do you blog through a writer’s block? It’s not that there isn’t anything to blog about, I have just felt… Withdrawn or something for the past few weeks. I think it’s the winter blues.

I’m also blaming the winter blues for putting on about a bazillion pounds in the past 6 months. I wish it would stop raining for long enough for me to get into some kind of an exercise routine. I went running 5 mornings last week and then it started snowing, and I’m afraid I have to say that when it snows, Meneksh can be found inside, pyjama-clad and under a fleecy electric blanket.

I’ll be back soon, but it may take me a few blog posts to get back to the interesting/funny stage. Here’s a meme I can relate to particularly well, just because it’s Monday.



Meneksh out.

P. S. Excuse any typos, I have a new keyboard that is particularly insensitive.


2 thoughts on “General chit-chat.

  1. welcome back! I don’t know why or how to overcome it, but the ‘withdrawn blogger blues’ happens to me. I think it’s when I get behind & feel overwhelmed, in life. sometimes you just need a break. and sometimes you need to remind yourself why you blog. [I do because I enjoy it. it brings me joy. I love hitting the “publish” button]. I like being on a schedule; blogging is part of it. without it, I’m out of whack. glad you’re back :)

    • I can relate to all of that. I’ve just had a really crappy few weeks, this one has been the crowning glory, ha. But life goes on! I love blogging too, but it’s one of the first things to suffer when just functioning on a basic level takes so much more effort than usual. Thanks for the comment :)

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