Things have been… Hard work. We’re coming up to year end at work, and we’re short-staffed in our office, which has meant I have been doing 10-12 hour days for the past 2 or 3 weeks not had a social life at all, not read any books, not done anything significant by way of housekeeping, not been keeping up with my favourite blogs, not keeping on top of my studying (obviously this is the least important).

Fun, huh?

I don’t know who this guy is. He’s from Google. I hope he doesn’t mind his face being on my blog.

On May 1st, I am veggin’ out big time. And on May 6th, I am SLEEPING ALL DAY. I may wake up to read a book or some such other luxury. w00t for bank holidays.

Other things that are happening in our lives:

  • We’re getting confirmed in less than 2 weeks. We have to go and practice getting confirmed this week, so we do it right on the day. I think a “lol” is in order.
  • I took my first ever set of minutes last night. That’s right. I have somehow managed to become the minute-responsible secretary for not one but two management committees.
  • Dougal is starting to lose his puppy fur. This is creating major grooming problems, because it’s getting all matted into his newly-sprouting grown-up hair.
  • Our kitchen is still awaiting new plaster and new decor. It’s getting quite depressing now.

There’s more, but nothing I’m overly keen on sharing in cyber space.

Now I’m off home to do some studying and/or to take a nap. Having been at work since 7.25am, I think it’s acceptable for me not to stay past 6pm today. Especially as my head now contains a braingetable.


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