Hello, bloggy world.

I realise it’s been a number of weeks since I last blogged (bad Meneksh), but I really miss it :( so hopefully I’m back this time for good.

The reasons for my absence are threefold:

1. Google really messed with me when it told me “Google Reader” was shutting down. BOO. Anyway, Bloglovin’ is taking a while to get used to. So nailing it now.

2. I have been *excessively* busy at work. To the point of making myself ill. (Ok, so that reason had two sub reasons). This has involved not getting home until around 6.30-7pm most evenings since March, coming home and just sleeping. My poor husband.

3. We have loads of “renovation” stuff going on in our house, which is causing unprecedented CHAOS. House mantra since January: “It will be lovely when it’s done.” We shouldn’t have to put up with this, WE LIVE IN RENTED. Anyway, plus side = it will be pretty much exactly as I’d like it once it’s all finished. Big plus :)

Anyways, it’s made me a bit miserable if I’m honest, because our social life died (it was barely breathing, extended working hours were the last straw) and I just felt/feel really crappy. Suspected stomach ulcer, bouts of insomnia, tension headaches. I’ve decided that I am going to stop waiting for work to calm down and just get on with stuff, who needs sleep anyway?

So, I’m off to get used to Bloglovin’ a bit more, and see how to add this bad boy (girl?) onto it. Any recommendations for blogs I should “follow”? I’m going to do a post on my favourite blogs soon I think :) aren’t you lucky.


One thought on “Hello.

  1. That list of illnesses does not sound fun – my stomach is unhappy too. Bleh. What happened to the adult life of freedom, endless money and eating chocolate bars every day?! ;-) When you’ve figured out how to do without sleep, please share the secret!!!

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