Burn out

Hello my little following of fabulous friends!

I know it’s been a while, and I know I keep saying I’m going to get back to it. Unfortunately blogging has fallen way down my list of things to do since the start of this year, what with all the energy it has been taken to just function on a basic level. I really do miss it – I love writing, and I love following the community of lifestyle bloggers I normally read.

I’ve got a new job – more on that in another post. I’ve started a few hours a week already, on top of my current job which I finish in 3 weeks or so and then I go full time at the new place. I’m so excited about it, it’s an amazing opportunity that I’m deeply passionate about and I’m pretty sure that it’s going to help my stress levels no end.

I have a “Recently Reading” post lurking about, I’m *going* to post it on Monday.

It’s my birthday tomorrow, so I’m looking forward to a lovely weekend with family and friends – I’ll post pictures next week :-)

I’d love to hear your news and how you’re all getting on, so if you stop by then please do take a minute to leave a comment! I love reading them and responding!

Muchos love, amigos x

P. S. Genuinely adoring the polka dots on this layout. How do you pronounce “polka”?


3 thoughts on “Burn out

  1. Hi Menekse,

    Hope you really enjoyed your day today. Glad you’re going to get to do a job you’re passionate about and I really do hope that lowers your stress. Blog is looking great – I’m looking forward to your Recently reading post! I’m mid-planning for Grace’s hen & looking forward to another year of CWTA. Apart from that I’ve almost got my almost 6 month old wedding thank-you cards sent out and still trying to get into some sort of consistent routine :)

    • Hey Eppie! Thanks for the comment. Hope the hen planning goes well :) how many years of CWTA is that now? I’m starting a long-distance theological course this year, really excited about it. Our thank you cards took about 8 months to get out, I think people understand the delay when there are so many to write and you don’t want to send generic ones out to everyone! Consistent routines – all the best with that one, haha, we’re about 27 months into marriage and still working on it!

      • This is the 3rd year of CWTA, but it doesn’t technically follow on from the first two. There’ll be different topics covered and it’s really close to me this time so I’m very happy. I’m sure you’ll find theology more interesting than the accounting was and be more satisfying to study!

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