The only titles I could think of for this post were either alliterative or cliche, both of which I am far too tired to cope with (they annoy me on a good day). So you’ve ended up with a one-word statement of fact. A statement of fact that is only a statement of fact for another 58 minutes, and which will probably be no longer so by the time you read this post.

We had a lovely weekend away in Scarborough – post to follow next week (this week’s will be a photo post on my birthday camping trip) – with lots of sea air and some time out together. It was a shame to come home really, to a house full of boxes and paint and half-finished rooms! But the end is in sight :)

Today was my last month-end at IVP, thankfully, I’m not going to lie. I find them pretty stressful, and had about 2 weeks’ worth of work to do in one day today which was particularly trying. I was in from 7am-5pm, followed by Street Pastors work from 5pm-10pm. This two jobs malarkey can’t end soon enough!

While we were out, Dougal (who, having been ill and on a forced fast for the past 24 hours, had decided enough was enough, and went on a forage) managed to find (out of a zipped-up rucksack no less), open and consume upwards of 20 hard-boiled lollipops (courtesy of Street Pastors), a bottle of hair conditioner and 2 plastic carrier backs. We got home to find him lying in a sugar-induced sleep-coma on a pile of shredded plastic bags, with a suspicious trail of sticky sticks (lol) and wrappers leading away from him in the general direction of the rucksack, from which the original sweets had been pilfered.

And so, on that note, I leave you – with a sincere apology for the amount of parentheses used in today’s post and 47 minutes for you to read it before it has a defunct name.

Warmest regards,

Exhausted, from Nottingham


4 thoughts on “Monday

    • Dougal IS a dirty dog – we got home yesterday and he had eaten three pairs of shoes, including Andrew’s Nike trainers! Thanks for your comment – hope you’re ok xx

  1. Glad you had a nice weekend! Hope you’re able to reduce the number of jobs you have soon and be able to rest a little more and I hope that Dougal recovers soon.

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