Budget DIY: Wall Art in 5 Minutes for £2.50

Last week’s trip to Scarborough brought forth this little piece for our chimney breast (lol) art collection. The collection is still a work in progress! But we add pieces now and then that are meaningful.

We found this gift tag in a lovely little shop called Rafferty’s, and the lady was selling them framed for £5.00. However, we had this frame at home and the gift tag itself was only £1.50. So we saved ourselves £3.50 in the shop, and just bought the gift tag. Andrew really likes Alice in Wonderland – I find it creepy and disturbing, but I can cope with the odd piece of Alice artwork!

You will need (in your own choice of colours, of course!):

  • Some black backing paper (which we already had), cut to size
  • A 6x4in. frame (originally £1.00 in Wilkinson’s – winning!)
  • A gift tag of your choice, complete with twine tie

IMG_1112Before I took this picture, I had already tied a neat little bow in the twine tie.

IMG_1115I then cut the twine to size so it didn’t dwarf the paper backing, and glued the tag to the paper. 

IMG_1119Then I popped it in the frame!

IMG_1125Final stage: I decided where it was going to go, tapped in a tack and balanced the frame. If there was ever an earthquake here, all our precariously balanced frames would immediately tumble from the walls.

Boomsies: job done.

Hate that you can see the scruffy paintwork here – apologies for the poor picture quality etc. There was a maHOOSIVE spider in our living room, and I took this from the hallway using zoom. I didn’t want to spoil the whole gallery just yet, as I’m hoping to finish it soon and do a feature post on it – our mantel area was my favourite part of our house until a big ass spider ruined it (the spider got away).

Do you struggle to find art you like at a decent price? Have you ever resorted to weird DIY stuff to make your house a home?

2 thoughts on “Budget DIY: Wall Art in 5 Minutes for £2.50

    • My problem is that I’m so picky, it takes me ages to find things I think are “wall worthy” so it’s looked unfinished for almost a year now! I’m determined it will be done by Christmas! Thanks for stopping by :) x

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