Lamest blogger evs

Hello everyone.

Computer problems, a bit of a dark place, and my new job are to blame for my recent hiatus.

Hard to believe it’s December already, this year has gone by so quickly… And then I can’t decide if I’m old for saying that?! But anyway, our Christmas shopping is almost done, and we’re looking forward to spending time in Northern Ireland for a week with our family over the holidays.

Today, I watched this video. It has made me deeply sad, and my prayers are with Connie’s family.

That’s all I’ve got for today.

One thought on “Lamest blogger evs

  1. Thought you might find this blog post ( ) encouraging as I certainly did. This year has passed quickly but I’ve accepted my oldness, which is good, I was never cool and now I have the excuse of being aged.

    I hadn’t come across that vlog before but Connie seemed so full of life, it’s hard to imagine that she’s passed on. I can’t even comprehend how her family might be feeling.

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