A tiring couple of weeks.

Bleurgh, total blogger fail over the past couple of weeks. We’ve been so busy at weekends and work has been so stressful that I’ve just had no down-time at all. I got home from work on Monday and almost instantly fell asleep for 13 hours. Poor Andrew :( he’s so patient when I feel the need to sleep excessively, even though it means we don’t get to spend our evening doing things together.

I’m slowly getting the hang of my new responsibilities at work. The past two weekends have been supremely packed with stuff – the weekend before last was the youth weekend away which I think I mentioned, and this past weekend we were doing set up and clear away stuff for a wedding at church – basically serving desserts, taking tables down, putting tables up, making and serving tea and coffee, washing 1200 glasses, washing 100 mugs a couple of times each. You get the gist – it was fun but really tiring. Then on Sunday it was like BAM, let’s have a party, two church services, 2 meetings and a house move in 10 hours flat. So we’ve managed to sleep in every morning so far this week, and this morning I have the hair to prove it :-/ go to bed with wet hair, wake up like this:

It’s Wednesday, so this morning it was time to step on the scales! I’ve lost 3lbs so I’m feeling pretty happy :) I have a really cool yellow velvet skirt I’d like to be able to wear at Christmas but it’s a dress size smaller than I currently am so we’ll see how it goes.

Image – courtesy of a google search for wild hair. It made me laugh.


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